Creating the Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding in Hampshire

Creating the Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding in Hampshire

Are you planning to say "I do" during the magical winter season between Christmas and New Year?

At Wildbunch Florists, we're dedicated to providing bespoke floral services to make your winter wedding truly enchanting. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the world of winter wedding flowers, share tips on venue decor, and help you navigate this busy time of year.


Embrace the Winter Blooms

Winter weddings often evoke images of all-white or all-red bouquets, reflecting traditional Christmas colors. However, before settling on your color scheme, consider the breathtaking range of winter flowers available to you.

  • Roses and Spray Roses: These come in various hues, including the exquisite English garden roses, which we source from sustainably responsible rose farms in Kenya and Colombia.

  • Thistle: Add a touch of blue and white to infuse your bouquets with a wintery charm.

  • Lisianthus: Available in a spectrum of colors, including trendy deep pinks, apricots, and peach shades.

  • Hypericum Berries: For a pop of red and white in your arrangements.

  • Eucalyptus: Typically of excellent quality during the winter season.

  • Mistletoe and Spruce: Introduce a seasonal twist with these elements.

  • Freesia and Paper Whites: For a bit of fragrance in your bouquet, consider these options. British-grown paper whites are usually available by mid-December.

Plan Ahead for a Floral Dream

Keep in mind that December is a busy month for florists, with the lead-up to Christmas being particularly hectic. To ensure your floral vision becomes a reality, reach out to your florist well in advance to confirm their availability.

For couples planning a wedding between Christmas and New Year, there are two important factors to consider. Many florists opt to take a break during this time to recover from the holiday rush. Additionally, sourcing flowers can be challenging, as many auctions and growers close for approximately ten days. Early communication with your florist will help you navigate these challenges seamlessly.

Venue Decor That Shines

If your wedding falls during the Christmas season, ask your venue organisers what decorations they are planning of their own. Most venues will have their own festive decor, and you might be able to incorporate these elements into your own plans, possibly save you some time and money.

For your wedding breakfast, consider what shape tables you are planning on having. If you are using trestle style tables, simple stem vases of seasonal flowers and foliage can work well. With round tables - wreaths of foliage surrounding hurricane vases and pillar candles would compliment your festive theme.

Reach Out for Your Winter Wedding

If you've been dreaming of a winter wedding between Christmas and New Year, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'd be delighted to have a no-obligation chat and provide you with a personalised quote that suits your budget and style.

To find out more about our wedding portfolio download our brochure here.

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