A Guide to Flower Meanings in Different Colours

A Guide to Flower Meanings in Different Colours

Flowers have been used for centuries to convey emotions, sentiments, and messages without the need for words. One of the most fascinating aspects of flowers is that their colours can carry powerful symbolism. Different colours can evoke a wide range of emotions and meanings, making it essential to understand the significance behind the colours of the flowers you choose to gift or decorate with. So don’t panic, here we will explain what each colour means so that you can choose the right flowers and avoid a faux-pas when sending a bouquet


Red Flowers


Red flowers, commonly come in the form of roses, tulips and poppies and are often associated with love, passion, and desire. They symbolize strong emotions and are frequently given as a declaration of love.


White Flowers


White flowers represent purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They are often used at weddings to symbolize the purity of love and the start of a new life together. Some popular white flowers include lilies, orchids, and daisies.


Yellow Flowers


Yellow flowers are the embodiment of joy, happiness, and friendship. They convey positive feelings and are an excellent choice for brightening someone's day. Sunflowers, daffodils, and yellow roses are among the well-loved yellow flowers.


Pink Flowers


Pink flowers are versatile and can represent a wide range of emotions. Light pink flowers symbolize admiration, grace, and sweetness, making them great for expressing gratitude. Darker pink shades convey appreciation and recognition. Roses, peonies, and carnations come in various shades of pink.

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Purple Flowers


Purple flowers symbolize royalty, luxury, and admiration. They can also represent creativity and spirituality. Lavender, orchids, and irises are popular choices when you want to convey a sense of admiration and respect.


Blue Flowers


Blue flowers are associated with serenity, peace, and tranquility. They represent calmness and relaxation and are perfect for sending comforting messages. Blue hydrangeas and delphiniums are some of the blue flowers you can choose.


Orange Flowers


Orange flowers are energetic and symbolize enthusiasm and passion. They are often given to express admiration or to celebrate an achievement. Marigolds, lilies, and tulips are examples of orange flowers.


Green Flowers


Green flowers represent growth, harmony, and renewal. They are a great choice for sending best wishes or to convey hope and good fortune. Green hydrangeas and chrysanthemums are common green flower options.

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