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What to do in the garden in April

At last, the weather lifted (briefly) last week and so did our spirits down here at the Goodlife Farm Shop.

We took delivery of our first drop of summer bedding plants from the lovely James, one of our favourite local growers this week.  It's time to get cracking with your summer pots and hanging baskets but remember there is still a risk of frost at night so make sure you keep and eye on the weather forecast and use horticultural fleece to protect your plants if you think there's even a sniff of a frost. 

We have been busy planting up hanging baskets this weekend so if you aren't in the mood to do them yourself, come and have a look at what we have on sale and if you can't find the one for you, ask us to design one to suit your colour scheme. 

Our first batch of grafted veg also turned up this week. We are big fans of grafted plants, especially if you have limited space and want to grow your own. Grafted plants are more expensive per pot, but they have better disease resistance and they grow more vigorously than a non grafted plant. Look out for grafted varieties of cucumbers, tomatoes and chilli peppers.

Finally, we need to talk about Dahlias. Once a bit old fashioned, they are now back on trend. Excellent performers in the border, they repeat flower throughout late summer and early autumn, but they are also amazing as cut flowers, often with lovely long straight stems and very long lasting in a vase.  We recommend some of the dinner plate varieties for a bit of fun. Cafe au lait or Fleurel are absolute beauties.  

To Do This Week: 

  • Plant summer flowering bulbs such as Nerines and Dahlia tubers
  • Get on top of the weeds before they get on top of you
  • Sow summer annuals outside
  • Feed shrub and climbing roses 
  • Repair bare patches in your lawn



Off to the potting shed to buy some seeds

Off to the potting shed to buy some seeds

Please look after this veg

Please look after this veg

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