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What we did ALL summer

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So much for our plans for a lovely summer dead heading roses and chatting with customers, here at the Goodlife Farm Shop, we have been manically running around with the hose pipe desperately trying to save the plants from wilting.

Many of our customers have all but given up on the garden because the long spells without rain and the need to save water has meant gardening has been a challenge. 

Summer bedding was over well before the beginning of August and most of the early flowering perennials have shrivelled up, and lets not even mention the vegetables....But there are still some heroes around and now it is time for us to bang on about the marvellousness of the Dahlia.

Amongst this years stars are the dinner plate Dahlias - literally that big - and utterly fabulous.

And contrary to popular opinion, Dahlias are not high maintenance plants. They do need staking and they are quite popular with slugs and snails but with a little bit of love and dead heading your fabulous dahlias could still be going strong in early October.

And another thing, in the south where it is milder and where the soil is free draining, you actually don't really need to dig up the tubers and store them in a cool dry place until the spring. Just leave them in the ground, cut the stems down to ground level,  maybe mulch the crown with something fluffy and warm, say a little prayer and hopefully, the tubers will survive the winter and come back next year even more splendid than they were this.

Go on - give the little darlings a go.


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